Artist: Margot Fagan; Toronto, Canada

Work: The Magellanic Voyage 1520

This submission is a concertina format representing aspects of Magellan’s historic voyage. The book is wordless, unfolding in a skewed meandering way to reveal an almost 3 foot long blank travelogue. This silent depiction of the globe refers to the conflicted historical narratives between the glory of the age of European discovery and what we now consider to be the start of trade through sea routes, leading to global trade, colonization, slavery, corporate ascendency, etc. There are 38 pages in all, symbolic of the 38 days Magellan’s ship took to get through the straight. The completed circumnavigation took 3 years, 3 pages are covered in silver mylar, a mirrored surface reflecting itself, a white, euro-centric view, and can also, depending on how the book is laid out and lit, reflect upwards toward a light, symbolic of Magellan’s other “discovery” of the Galaxies orbiting our Milky Way now known as the Magellanic Clouds. Closed, the book is 2.5 inches in diameter, the opened size is variable, up to about 36 inches long. It was made in an edition of 3. The retail price is $150.
Canadian dollars.


I have been working as a silk screen artist and textile designer for many years, my longstanding interests in design, print and craft have led me to making Artist’s Books. I am inspired by the possibilities of material and format to express the unique concept of each book.


Website: Margot Fagan – Textile & Book Artist

Magellan Exhibition 2022

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