Artist: Liliana Rothschild, Argentina

Work: Ventana al Cono Sur – Window to the Southern Cone

The work “Ventana al Cono Sur / Window to the Southern Cone”, is an assemblage of a wooden box, an altered book of poems, and a personal thread technique. The book mentions discoverers’ undergoings, written in Spanish. In the interior of the box, parts of the world map can be found, emphasizing Patagonia, Estrecho de Magallanes and Tierra del Fuego. The ocean is represented with a personal thread technique. The map images from both the interior and exterior are book pages that are cut out and slightly burned.
The purpose of this work is to illustrate Magellan’s discovery of the South American strait that connects the Atlantic with the Pacific Ocean, while doing his voyage around the world, and also to show the feelings expressed by adventurers that dared to undertake such challenges.

Materials: Wooden box, cotton thread, book pages belonging to the book “Poemas en celeste y rojo”, author: Juan Carlos Parrilla
Size of the work: height 16 cm, width: 9cm closed and 16 cm width open, depth 10 cm.

Unique work, I expect it to be for sale.
Price including 20% commission £ 400


I am an artist from Argentina, who lives and works in Buenos Aires. Travelling South America from north to south gave me the opportunity to meet different expressions of pre Columbian civilizations. It was an enriching experience that later influenced my artwork.
I’ve always been working on the relationship between man, art and nature. The returning to the roots and to the origin is always present in my artwork. There’s a search and intention to fuse identities linking the symbolical world of the South American inhabitants, which is full of mysterious codes, with the European immigration that arrived to these lands bringing another culture.

My work tells about changes. Not only because of the materials that I choose to develop and renew them in another environment, but also the idea of it.

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