Artist: Guylaine Couture, Canada

Work: Ferdinan into the unknow

My book “Ferdinan into the unknow” focuses on the world tour of Ferdinan (without «d» in Catalan) Magellan and his last journey into the unknown in order to prove that the earth is round.

The book is worn out, has flaws, passed into several hands, as the diary of Antonio Pigafetta undoubtedly.

In my book, the sea has five levels, related to the five ships from the expedition. On each one, you will find that name of one of the boats, little information about the journey, pictures of old engravings, drawing patterns related to the maps of Antonio Pigafetta and finally a representation of all the deceased men.

On the centre side, the red dot represents Magellan, who died in action six months before his return. Only one boat has returned to its starting point to prove that the earth is round, but with only a few survivors of this incredible adventure on board.

The most varied situations took place during this trip. We find starving sailors, internal and field battles, mutiny, etc. They fought to colonize lands for Spain and for their own survival over a period of three years.

It’s hard to imagine such an adventure today.

This book is a unique piece. Closed: 5 x 7.5 x 1.5 inch, open: 12.5 x 16 x 1.5 inch.
Price: 575 pounds / 900 Can $

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Guylaine Couture has made artist’s books for several years. This art form allows her to create works in which both contents and form merge so that the message is more powerful.

After years of drawings, gouache and collages, she took a workshop on binding which put her on the track of the artist’s book. It became her main discipline but she also keeps on creating works on paper.

Guylaine juggles with the ideas that she wants to pass on. She delicately drafts the message, analyzes the meaning of words and images as well as develops the final form of the book with accuracy. The process requires time, reflection and several models in order for the desired result to be achieved. The artist is obsessed by the reuse of printed documents, by the preservation of the forgotten zone of a photo and by the recycling of material having already lived. Her works attempt to demonstrate the potential of this plentiful material too easily discarded. Guylaine likes to work on subjects that question us, among which ecology, brain, technology or women. These subjects ask for introspection. It is important for the artist to make sure that every book is different, that the form changes, evolves and adapts itself to her point of view.

To create a book allows for an exchange with the reader both by the text and by the touching of it. The artist mulled over the reaction of the visitor in front of the book and made her work evolve in order for the emotion to be there. For her, the «reader» has to live an experience.



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