Artist: Clare Boothby, UK


Work: A Tale of Two Journeys

An artist’s book called A Tale of Two Journeys, created for the exhibition. The book will look at Magellan’s voyage of discovery (1519-1521) and the voyage of the Magellan space probe
(1989-1994). Through the use of maps, statistics, and contemporary records/reporting the book will compare and contrast the two voyages. Overlays will allow readers to apply the facts of one journey to the context of the other. The book will highlight the challenges and achievements of each journey, and bring the reader to an appreciation of the ways in which each journey was a success on its own terms. Maximum dimensions will be A4 closed, A3 open, 5cm thick. I am not yet sure whether this will be an edition, but I would in any case be very keen to provide you with a reading copy.


I take my inspiration from science and from genre fiction and films. My work is often playful; I enjoy creating books which play with the form of the book itself – creating pages from transparent media so that the entirety of the content can be seen at once, or representing a spectrum using pages of different widths – or which interact with its contents – playing a game of guess who, or allowing the reader to mix-and-match a narrative’s contents.


Twitter: @molybdomantic

Magellan Exhibition 2022

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