Artist: Barbara Jones, UK

Work: ‘Circumnavigation, a journey from East to West’

The starting point for my artwork was a hardback copy of Lloyds Register of Ships from 1998–99. I was inspired by Magellan’s struggle to find a passage through South America to reach the Pacific Ocean, named by him because of its peaceful nature. I decided to transform the book into a visual representation of Magellan’s voyage of discovery and Elcano’s success in completing the mission by returning to Seville three years later having circumnavigated the globe.

I began by drilling 5 holes through the entire book to symbolise the narrow passageway of what would be known as the Straits of Magellan. These channels carry 5 lengths of rope to signify the 5 ships that began the voyage. As each ship meets its fate along the way the rope is tied off to mark the end of their individual journey. Of course only one piece of rope completes the passage through the book, the one representing the Victoria.

This is an interactive artwork. The viewer can discover the events of Magellan’s quest by beginning at the back of the book, turning over the sections of pages and following the progress of the ships, in effect travelling from left to right/East to West. The book is loaded with symbolism using text, numbers and printed images which lead the viewer to interpret and decipher the events for themselves.



My practice involves working with numerous diverse processes including painting, printmaking and artist books. Rather than creating multiples my artist books tend to be unique and represent an artwork as much as a “book”.



Magellan Exhibition 2022

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