Artist: Anwyl Cooper-Willis, UK


Work: A Tale of Two Journeys

I plan to make a globular book, of four pages, each semi-circular, each divided in half at the equator. The contents of the book will include some of the events of Magellan’s voyage and some remarks on what we have done with the globe he discovered. With the two covers fastened together behind the book opens to becomes a three dimensional globe. I think that I shall use popups and such like to make representations of ships etc. and speech bubbles to give a slight explanation of my thoughts. (Some pop-ups can be seen in the book Images from a Hospital, on our book website) I have made a ‘ toile’, just with scrap paper, but I think basing it on A3 would be a better size.


I make books both digital and hand made on various topics; collections, and thoughts that have a certain quirky appeal. I have also made a number of postcard works and other artworks.


Other work:

Magellan Exhibition 2022

Portfolio of Images for 'Voyage of Discovery'

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