Jenny McInally – Specimen Case

Exhibition of Artists’ Books

We have organised an exhibition of artists’ books in Liverpool’s Central Library. Based in the Hornby Library, which houses many rare books, this will open on 2nd June and continue until 6th July. The exhibition is available to view whenever the Library is open, and entry is free.

The exhibition will combine examples of early artists’ works and fine bookbinding from the Library’s specialist collection and a range of contemporary artists’ books. We want the exhibition to celebrate excellence and creativity, and to increase interest and appreciation of artists’ books. The intention is that the exhibition will also promote the Fair: we aim to include some examples of works by Fair participants in the exhibition, as well as by other contemporary artists.

We are proud to present work by…


Andrew Morrison          Averting your Fate    

Andrew Morrison          Collection V  

Andrew Brown and David Parry          Do Not Stand at my Grave and Weep (By Mary Fry)   

Hannah Fray         Moth    

Hannah Fray        November Moth    

Erin K Schmidt       Tea and Water Pipe   

William Morris       Kelmscott Chaucer   

Deborah Neely       Chartres    

Henri Matisse       Jazz   

Lizanne Van Essen       Suspense    

Lizanne Van Essen       No Risk No Gain    

Elizabeth Shorrock       Double Concertina    

Louisa Boyd       Flare  

Louisa Boyd       Aether  

James Reid-Cunningham       Abstract #19 – Unique work  

Stef Mitchell       Field Fold #2 – Unique work   

Stef Mitchell       Burns Night – Unique work    

Gemma Lacey     Fluxes       Edition of 4  

Hilke Kurzke        Die Stadt (The City) Edition of 24  

Heather Chou     Remembrance   

Anne Desmet      Masks   

Peter Dover        Former Sites, Former Sites – a work in progress    

Peter Dover        Between Two Rivers   

Theresa Easton       Two Thousand Insects        

Lynette Willoughby       Textures Book     

Kathryn Poole       Apidae    

Pauline Lamont-Fisher       G Smith    

Pauline Lamont-Fisher       Residue 

Pat Hodson       Herbal Notebook – Unique work    

Les Rowe       Skye Land and Sea   

Les Rowe        Mynydd Parys (Copper Mountain)    

Elizabeth Willow       Untitled – Created for this exhibition  

Elizabeth Willow       Minor Elizabethan Drama Vol II – Unique work   

Francisco Goya     La Tauromaquia

Kate Bufton       Alice – Unique work  

Kate Bufton       Hedgehogs 

Janine Ranger       Will At Work – Unique work  

Julie Dodd        Can’t see the Trees for the Forest 

Carol Ramsay       616 Balustrades – Created for this exhibition 

Mary Gelsomino       My Beast   


Will at Work – Janie Ranger

Dress maker: Jennifer Pritchard